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SMS Marketing: The beginner’s ultimate guide

What’s the first thing you do when you hear that familiar sound?

If you’re like us, you pick up your phone — or dig through your bag to find it — and check who the text is from and what it’s about.

And we’re not the only ones doing it.

With 98% open rates, SMS is a powerful channel for businesses, too.

But it’s not all fun, games and money-making conversions.

Read on to learn how to unlock the best results from your SMS marketing campaigns and why it should be a part of your omnichannel mar

The future of business is personal

The future of business is personal: Why personalisation is the key to your success

And we’re not talking about the guy next to you who won’t stop talking about that restaurant you simply must try. We’re talking digital noise.

The digital marketing landscape that you’re trekking through every day is more competitive than ever. If you want to slice through the clamour, you have to create personalised experiences.

Sounds easy enough. But with the latest privacy policies and frightening acronyms

Instagram: 12 restaurants doing it right —

What’s the first thing you notice when you check out the Instagram profiles above? Their bio information and, one of the most useful features, Instagram Stories Highlights. IG Highlights are groups of stories that you can create as folder sections on your profile.

In most of the restaurants we chose for this post, the Highlights are front and centre and show guests what each restaurant brand is all about.

Unlike Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours, Highlights allow you to keep your

How to Wear Men's Bracelets – Without Overdoing It

Men's bracelets have taken many forms over the years. From puka shells worn after a beach holiday to slap bracelets banned by schools everywhere in the 90s. And don’t forget that neon plastic bracelet trend from 2004… and the copies that popped up on wrists worldwide. Take away the trends and you’ll notice that one constant remains – bracelets. But why should men wear bracelets? A bracelet is one of the easiest accessories to wear. A little band of leather or beads can give an outfit that extra

Guest Experience: Why is it important?

A restaurant’s brand is no longer just the food and the rock star chef. Today’s guests expect to create memories every time they eat out, and restaurants must provide every visitor with a personalised experience that keeps them coming back.

The world’s best restaurants are adopting new technology that gives them actionable insights about their guests and business. While technology can’t replace a manager or waiter with years of experience and relationships with guests, it can help your team imp

Get it Right the First Time: Engraving Tips & Ideas

Having an accessory engraved is the number one way to make it unique. What are the chances you’ll run into another guy with the same watch and the exact same initials on the tube? Whether getting your new new chronograph inscribed or giving a gift to a loved one, adding a custom engraving is a sure-fire way to turn your present into a keepsake. The idea of personalization may sound exciting, but it can quickly become a decision you regret. It’s important to step back and take your time before ty

Instagram hashtags — How to use them to promote your garden

With over 1,100 photos posted on Instagram every second, it’s difficult for garden centers, landscapers and plant nurseries.

If you want to increase your post reach quickly, add hashtags. Just one can increase post engagement (how many people see and interact with your post) by over 12%. That’s just one #. Imagine what 10 would do.

The key is knowing the right hashtags to use for your gardening business that will boost reach and increase engagement.

But how do you find the best hashtags for y

30 event ideas to attract guests to your restaurant or bar — Superb

Speaking of stuff on TV, there’s more out there than just the game. Focus on finales, once-a-year events like the Academy Awards, or classic movies like Back to the Future.

Take it further by creating signature drinks based on what you’re seeing.

If your bar has the space, offer live music as a way to draw crowds. Don’t just stick to music that you typically play in your bar – a local jazz band may attract a different crowd than an acoustic performance.

For this type of event, all you need is

Men’s Necklaces – Your Ultimate Guide

For most men’s chains, 50 cm (20”) is the average length. This falls at the collar bone between the top two buttons on a shirt and looks good inside or outside the shirt. If you’re wearing a pendant necklace, opt for 55-63 cm (22-25”) so the pendant finishes in the middle of your chest.
• 35-45 cm (14-18”) – Quite form-fitting and will be visible above your shirt.
• 50-55 cm (20-22”) – Falls at the collarbone and is the most common size for men’s necklaces. Can be worn inside or outside the shir

Your At-Home Beard-Care Routine: 5 Quick Steps

Most of your morning runs on auto-pilot – brush, spit and rinse. Everything works fine and you know exactly how long it takes to get ready each morning. Then one day you start growing a beard and your entire choreographed routine goes haywire. How do you get the most from your beard without spending extra time stressing over it? Is it beard oil first and then balm? And when do you comb anyway? We’ve created 5 steps for an at-home beard care routine that’s easy to follow and quick to do. And the

11 restaurant email marketing examples to boost your brand — Superb

Know what makes this restaurant email template so good? The number of images. It’s a feast for the eyes and reminds your customer why they signed up for your emails in the first place – because they love your food and the experiences you create. Another thing we love about this template is the clear CTA buttons – RESERVE NOW. Instead of using different calls to action like in our first example, they keep it clean and simple with one goal. With Superb’s GXM platform, you can easily export your gu

How to get a great workout with just a pair of dumbbells

When you hear the word ‘dumbbells’, do you instantly think of some thick-necked guy at the gym groaning through a set of bicep curls? Or is that just us?

While dumbbells are synonymous with bulging biceps, the truth is that they can do so much more. We’re talking about a complete full-body workout.

With just one solid set of dumbbells or adjustable weights, you can improve your cardio, lose weight, increase your mobility, and gain strength.

Healing Bracelets for Men – What Do Gemstones Mean

It’s easy to think that gemstones are only for New Age practitioners and the guys who know the difference between downward dog and Paripurna Navasana. But belief in the power of stones is one that has decorated the history of the world. To the Vikings (of course, we bring it back to our ancestors), carnelian, jet, garnet, and amber were prized for their beauty and the mystical qualities they were thought to possess. Nowadays, people still believe that certain gemstones can help with everything f

Wet Shaving – Your Ultimate Guide

Learning how to shave is something we all deal with once puberty hits. Along with a voice that cracks, budding chest hair and a sudden interest in that cute classmate of yours, finally getting rid of peach fuzz is a step towards manhood. It’s something we have to do almost every day and no one agrees on the correct tools, method or direction – with or against the grain? Maybe it would have been better to leave the fuzz… but we shaved because it’s what you do. And now we’re here discussing how to

What is a 24-Hour Single-Hand Watch & Why Should You Wear One

With a 24-hour single-hand watch, the hand will only pass once around the dial every day. In a way, time becomes less about seconds and minutes and more about the events that happen along the journey. Single-hand watches are designed for people who decide for themselves how to arrange their time. As a wise man once said, ‘’We all live by the clock. Chances are, you could use a day off. Track time like our ancestors did. Cut yourself some slack. Life is in your hands. Not the ones on your watch.’

How to start working out: The beginner’s ultimate guide

You may feel overwhelmed if you’re just getting started on your fitness journey. There’s a lot of information out there, and no one wants to feel like a complete newbie when they enter a gym or start shopping for home gym exercise equipment for the first time.

Plus, the fad diets and miracle #transformation posts on social media will tell you that exercise is easy and quick. The reality is that starting to exercise requires focus and determination. And the only way to begin is to begin.

Maximise profits with gift cards — Superb

With Superb, guests can purchase gift cards directly from your website without relying on plug-ins or extra software. Customers can choose between giving an amount or preselecting a menu or experience.

The recipient receives a beautifully designed email or printout with a unique code, making it easy for you to find the gift card in the system.

Purchasing — The customer can specify the amount and recipient and add a message when purchasing.

Receiving — The recipient receives their digital gift

4 restaurant revenue-generating ideas to boost business —

In today’s post-pandemic, on-demand world, it’s easy to understand why takeaway continues to be an income stream for restaurants. The worldwide takeout market is set to pass €85 million by 2024, and the number of Europeans enjoying takeout will reach 96.9 million in the same year.

From DIY meals you finish at home, to full-on menus, step up your takeaway business by thinking about the most popular items at your restaurant and making those available for online ordering.

If you’re just starting

Restaurant technology trends: 11 innovations to watch in 2022 —

An end to pay per booking

Finally, restaurant tech platforms like Superb are doing away with the pay-per-booking module that has been holding restaurants back.

With prices rising across the board, you should charge your guests for their meal – not to supplement their reservation fee.

With a fixed subscription (like with Superb’s GXM platform), the app is cheering for you – not punishing you for having more bookings. Get as many guests as you want, the price is the same.

If there’s one thing
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