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October 2018 - May 2021

As Trendhim's first and only copywriter, I was responsible for creating and implementing engaging copy solutions across digital channels (email, display ads, social, paid search, video scripts, podcasts, weekly newsletters, landing pages, etc.), conceptualizing smart, on-brand campaigns for retention and acquisition, and shaping the tone and voice of Trendhim and its 10+ house brands.

With 48 long-form articles published and countless product descriptions, social media captions, and advertorials created, I got to watch Trendhim grow from an e-commerce startup to the powerhouse that it is today.

With over 80% of traffic coming from mobile phones, the emails I created had to be easy to digest without losing the TOV or the sale.

Grab a coffee and read the Menswear Style advertorial here. Or grab a magnifying glass and read it below.

My role at Trendhim extended far beyond clever packaging, frontpage banners, and the copy above. Please ask about longer, text-heavy projects, product naming, brand TOV guidelines, or how I worked with 18 translators to ensure quality across 24 markets.